Shop Black Fest sets up shop(s) in Downtown Memphis over Easter Weekend



Memphis buzzed with entrepreneurial energy this past Easter weekend as Shop Black Fest returned to the city for its fourth year in the Bluff City.

With multiple pop-up vendors under their tents near the Bass Pro Pyramid, the festival was founded by Greg and Tee Westbrook, who see it as a vibrant celebration of Black-owned businesses and a testament to the power of community support.

“We’re just excited to be able to celebrate black entrepreneurship in Memphis and many other cities,” Greg Westbrook, co-founder of Shop Black Fest, announced enthusiastically. “We just wanted to create an ecosystem, a space for black-owned businesses to be able to show off their products, show off their services, introduce themselves to the community, and make some money for themselves and for their businesses.”

Shop Black Fest provides a vital platform for Black entrepreneurs to gain visibility, network, and connect with customers. The festival’s impact extends far beyond individual businesses; it fuels a sense of community and shared purpose within the Black business landscape.

“This is our sixth year for Shop Black Fest overall, and our fourth here in Memphis, and we love it here, man. You should be here too,” Westbrook continued.

Through events like Shop Black Fest, Black entrepreneurs find both the practical resources and the unwavering support needed to thrive.

The Shop Black Fest tour has become a staple in cities across the country, showcasing the diverse array of Black-owned businesses and fostering community-driven economic empowerment.

After a successful stop in Memphis, the tour will set its sights on St. Louis on April 20th. The remainder of the 2024 tour schedule includes Huntsville on May 11th-12th, Nashville again on May 11th-12th.

According to the website, Shop Black Fest will return to Memphis on August 17, with additional stops in Nashville on September 21, and Huntsville on November 30.

“So check us out at, find out all about what we have to offer,” Westbrook said. “We’re in multiple cities, and we’re just out here celebrating ‘Black=owned!”