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SLIDESHOW: In the streets for Tyre!

In pursuit of “Justice for Tyre!” — part of a bigger and ongoing push — for many, protesters took the streets in Memphis following the public release Friday night of video footage showing a quintet of officers from the now-defunct police SCORPION Unit inhumanely beating 29-year-old Tyre D. Nichols to the brink of death.

Nichols, unarmed and within two minutes of his home, died three days later. The five officers face multiple charges, including second-degree murder and aggravated kidnapping.

On Wednesday (Feb. 1) at 10:30 a.m., the Rev. Al Sharpton, the president and founder of the National Action Network, will deliver the eulogy for Nichols at  Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church, 70 N Bellevue Boulevard.

The family’s lead attorney, Benjamin Crump, will bring the call to action.

Photojournalist Gary S. Whitlow (GSW Enterprises) takes readers of The New Tri-State Defender inside two days of protests that began with the shutdown of the I-55 bridge over the Mississippi River, later rolling just off of Downtown.

The next day, protesters were in the heart of downtown.

And, say protesters, it’s not about a cathartic move to blow off steam.

It’s about demanding change!


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