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SOURCES: Umar Johnson will not be speaking at Handy Park or Church Park; ‘March’ not cleared

The Tri-State Defender has learned from multiple sources that Dr. Umar Johnson, a popular online activist, will not be speaking at Handy Park or Church Park today as part of April 4 activities commemorating the death of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Furthermore, while The Tri-State Defender published a story publicizing a proposed ‘march’ on Beale Street that would feature Johnson as speaker, officials at the Downtown Memphis Commission say they’ve received no request or notice of any event on Beale — meaning that any march would be unauthorized.

We have unpublished that story and we apologize for any confusion.

A flyer promoting the march had the logo of the Beale Street Development Corporation on it. However, officials with the Beale Street Development Corporation also said they had nothing to do with a march on Beale.

Attempts to reach a phone number on the flyer were not answered or returned.

Johnson did indeed speak at a banquet in Memphis on Wednesday, April 3. TSD photojournalist Gary S. Whitlow covered the event and spoke with a source who said Johnson will not be appearing at either Handy or Church Park.

This story will be updated.

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