One student at Fox Meadows Elementary cant wait for his turn to read. Photo: Brenda Sanders

by Brenda Sanders, Special to The New Tri-State Defender

First graders and third graders at Fox Meadows Elementary School have published a book and it is inspiring.

The first graders wrote, “We Are Moving Forward” and the third graders wrote, “Math Rocks.”

The school was filled with palpable warmth recently as these fully-engaged young people shared their accomplishments with an audience that came ready to show appreciation and did so.

The house was full. The children came up to do live readings. Shortly after that, Shelby County Commissioner Eddie Jones distributed certificates to them. You could hear the loving families root for their children as the names were called out.

One-by-one,  the children stepped forward, received their certificates and said, “thank you.”

The children were not the only ones recognized at the event. Some very supportive and determined adults helped them achieve their goal. Principal Rhonda B. Howard, first-grade teacher Daphne Crenshaw, Charlotte Bush and third-grade teacher Mrs. Doyce Boone played leading roles and Jones had gift bags for them.

Noting that these are tough times for some children, Howard said it is amazing to see when they turn around to produce at the level on display.

The little big shots did a book signing at the end, enjoying the remainder of the evening as published authors.