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Teen Thanks Dad With Sweet School Photos Taken 13 Years Apart

A college freshman has given a sweet shout-out to his father on Twitter.

Earlier this month, Charles Brockman III posted two undeniably similar photos. The first one was taken in August 2004 and shows his dad, Charles Brockman Jr., walking him to his first day of kindergarten in front of his elementary school in Plano, Texas. The second one was taken on August 11 and shows the proud dad and eager son in similar poses in the dorms of Mississippi State University.

“From the first day of kindergarten to college move in. Thank you dad,” the younger Brockman wrote in his tweet.

The college freshman didn’t plan to recreate the photo. He told HuffPost he noticed the resemblance of the photos later and was “completely shocked.” He also said his dad loved the side-by-side pics.

“The post made him very happy and he said it was clever,” he said. “I’m glad he appreciated the post.”

As of Thursday, the post had been retweeted more than 70,000 times. Many people on Twitter responded to say how sweet they thought it was. Others praised the elder Brockman for his dreads, which make an appearance in both photos.

“He started growing dreads when I was born, and maybe a few years ago he was talking about cutting them,” the younger Brockman told People. “Then he said he would wait until I graduated high school, but I’m sure he’s going to keep him as long as he can ― at least I hope he does, they’re pretty cool!”

Brockman told HuffPost that his father has been his track coach throughout his training and that he shared the photos to show his dad how much he appreciates him.

“I just want to say thank you to my dad for always being there for me and pushing me to be my best at all times,” he said.

The teen, who is studying broadcast journalism and communications at Mississippi State, added that the post was about his dad being there for him both on and off the track.

“My dad is also my track coach and had led me to many national championships and I’m just really thankful that he’s been a superhero for me in more ways than one.”

by Taylor Pittman for HuffPost

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