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Tennessee presidential primary early voting ends today (Feb. 25)!

The last day for voters to cast early ballots in the March 3 presidential primary in Tennessee is today (Feb. 25).

Early voting began Feb. 12 and ran Mondays through Saturdays.

Several Democratic presidential contenders have visited Tennessee. Nearly a quarter of primary delegates are up for grabs in the March 3 Super Tuesday contests, with 73 coming from Tennessee. Seven states will have more delegates than Tennessee on Super Tuesday.

Tennesseans need a valid photo ID to vote, including a driver’s license, a photo ID from the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security or a passport. College student IDs are not acceptable.

Voters can find information about early voting and Election Day voting locations by using the GoVoteTN app or by going online.

Democrats will see 15 names on their ballot, including several who have since dropped out of the race.

Three names will appear on the Republican presidential ballot: Presidential Donald Trump, Massachusetts Gov. William Weld and former U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh — who is no longer running for the top job.

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