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Tennessee State University President Dr. Glenda Glover stepping down

Saying she was surrounded by 1,000 of her closest friends, Tennessee State University President Dr. Glenda Glover announced Monday that she will retire following the 2023-2024 academic year.

Glover first shared her plans with the campus family during the annual TSU Faculty Staff Institute that marks the beginning of the new academic year.  She later shared that same news during a press conference with the TSU campus and community leaders.

“After almost 11 years and having reached nearly every objective and goal I set for myself and TSU, as the leader of this great institution, my beloved alma mater, I stand before you to announce my retirement as President of Tennessee State University, at the end of the spring semester 2024. It was a decision that did not come too easily, and it was not made lightly. My voice is needed now on a more national platform.”

President Dr. Glenda Glover addressed TSU faculty and staff at the annual fall meeting to mark the beginning of the academic year. Glover graduated from TSU in 1974 and went on to have a stellar career in the corporate sector and higher education. She is one of a few women to hold the CPA, Ph.D., JD combination. (Photo: TSU News Service)

Those goals and objects were prominently displayed behind her as she spoke to a crowded room of TSU supporters and reporters. SGA President Derrell Taylor, a Memphis native like President Glover, said it is disheartening moment but exciting at the same time to reflect on all the great things she has accomplished and all the ways she continues to lead the University into excellence.

“I believed that every time TSU had a major accomplishment, we just began to work on the next one or improved more and I appreciate that and believe that is what it takes in a leader,” said Taylor, a business major.

“Dr. Glover has led this institution to understand how to compete globally. Ultimately, I’m disappointed that as students we are uncertain of what the future holds, but I’m very confident that she will do an excellence job in making the transition as smooth as possible to benefit students.”

Having led the institution for over a decade, President Glover said it was more than a full circle moment to serve as president of her alma mater.

“Serving as President of Tennessee State University has been the honor of a lifetime. Words cannot express the emotions I have as I stand before you this morning. TSU prepared me for every accomplishment I have achieved throughout my career. This is where I got my start, where the seeds of excellence were sown for a young teenager from south Memphis who aspired to change the world.”

Known as the national expert and leader for historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), Glover has guided TSU through a decade of excellence while overcoming challenges and celebrating significant milestones and accomplishments. This includes using her influence to bring national figures to the TSU campus.

“We have elevated the brand, the reputation, and the legacy; and ensured that TSU is on a nationwide platform by increasing the national visibility of this university. TSU is being discussed in rooms where it has never been discussed before. This recognition helped us recruit even more students, not only from Tennessee but from around the country.”

President Glover’s accomplishments are a source of pride for TSU alumni.

“Dr. Glenda Baskin Glover serves her alma mater with tenacity,” said Charles Galbreath, president of the Tennessee State University National Alumni Association.

“For over a decade, Dr. Glover has successfully positioned, protected, and promoted Tennessee State University on international platforms. I am encouraged to see a daughter of the Civil Rights Movement wield the wisdom and power of that era, fighting the good fight for today’s injustices. I admire Dr. Glover’s grace under pressure and her humility when praised. Dr. Glenda Glover is a global trailblazer, and her influence will live for generations to come at our beloved alma mater.”

TSU Student leaders share a moment with President Dr. Glenda Glover following the press conference announcing her retirement. (Photo: TSU News Service)

In her announcements, she thanked students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community leaders for their support.

“I am merely retiring from the presidency of Tennessee State University. Wherever my door may be, it will always remain open to the students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and the Nashville community.

“I will continue to advance educational opportunities, ensuring fairness, equity, and justice for African Americans and people of color, women, and those often left behind.”

View Dr. Glover’s retirement announcement

Competitive aim drives TSU President Dr. Glenda Glover



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