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THAT’S NOT ‘GANGSTA:’ Jeopardy contestant loses money for “mispronouncing” answer

Okay, seriously. No, no, no. I mean seriously, for real. Alex Trebek is correcting a contestant for mispronouncing “gangsta” — and then took his money away.

The question answer involved one of those weird deals where the correct response is a mashup. In this case: “A song from Coolio from “Dangerous Minds” goes back in time to become a 1667 John Milton Classic.”

And then . . . this happened:

Ah, so much to unpack:

  • The judges overturned Trebek’s ruling . . . but WHO CAUGHT THAT? I mean which cultural warrior had to go tap somebody on the shoulder and say . . . “it’s gang-STA, not gang-STER?”
  • Was anyone at home saying, “He mispronounced it?”
  • And is this guy now gonna be carrying a tiki torch at some rally because he got caught by the PC police?

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