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The Delta Boule, KUDZUKIAN Network launch ‘The Journey’

“The Journey” – a podcast chronicling the ascent of 50 local businessmen of all stripes – launched on Martin Luther King Day with a focus on “the everyday man and the extraordinary man.”

The podcast, which reflects a partnership between The Delta Boule and the KUDZUKIAN network, is part of the Boule’s initiative to reach further into the community to meet young men and boys where they are. At its core is the goal of inspiring young men just starting their professional track or finding their way.

Hosted by KUDZUKIAN CEO and founder Larry Robinson, each weekly episode is designed as an open-book conversation about the path and the process. Listeners and viewers will hear from men in their own backyard who own and operate businesses, work within the creative ecosystem, who are pioneers in their field and those who are captains of industry.

Guests include Dr. Neal Beckford, the first black ear, nose and throat specialist; actor and producer Princeton James; Johnny Moore, president of SunTrust/Truist Bank; attorney Robert Spence; and photographer Malik tha Martian.

Robinson said young men – young people in in general – must know that there is no microwave success.

“They also have to know that there are so many options that extend well beyond sports, being a CEO or being in corporate America,” he said. “There is pride in the man who’s the contractor. There’s pride in the man who has a janitorial services company. There’s pride in the military man or the mechanic.”

Glenn Sessoms

Glenn Sessoms, a Boule board member, said, “We’re partnering with KUDZUKIAN because they have the ability to get the message to young people in a way they are touched. We want to reach them where they are and give them hope about what they can be, especially in these unusual and challenging times.

“We believe this is a groundbreaking initiative that will change many lives in the Memphis area and beyond. We’re excited what the podcast will do for us as a community.”

Delta Boule/Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity is an African American fraternal organization and nonprofit that “believes in modeling leadership through the pursuit and support of education and honoring their civic responsibility.”

Founded in 2014, KUDZUKIAN, which houses 15 podcasts, specializes in creating edutainment programming as well as “turn-key” production of on-demand virtual, in-studio and livestream content across multiple media platforms.

“The Journey” launched on MLK Day as a tribute to who Dr. King was and what he represents to Black people in this country. The podcast can be accessed on the KUDZUKIAN app, YouTube channel or website (https://kudzukian.com).


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