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Friday, April 19, 2024

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The killing of George Floyd and the pursuit of a murder conviction

MINNESOTA — “I just want to let everyone know that we’re going to bring to bear all the resources necessary to achieve justice in this case,” said Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison.

That was Ellison speaking at the press conference announcing the decision by Minn. Gov. Tim Walz to transfer the investigation and prosecution to his office.

As the world impatiently watches and waits, Ellison must re-introduce the principles of justice to the cases arising from the killing of George Floyd. He must do so to the Floyd family, the citizens of Minnesota and, by proxy, to an entire nation of individuals and families that are very, very much like the Floyds.

Black Press of America’s exclusive interview was streamed LIVE at facebook.com/blackpressusa/live and youtube.com/c/blackpressusatv.


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