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THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW: Clinical trial seeks 200 for drink-mix study

Memphis researchers have opened recruitment of 200 participants with high cholesterol and risks of heart disease for a year-long clinical study of a powdered drink supplement, which initial research reportedly has shown to be beneficial in improving health.

The clinical trial plans to examine the medium and longer-term impacts of Cholesterade, a natural cholesterol-reducing product developed by the late Dr. Robert Cade, creator of the widely popular Gatorade sports beverage.

“Heart disease is the leading cause of death and disability in the United States,” explained David B. Wright, MD, principle investigator for the clinical trial. “Too often, individuals have too much bad cholesterol built up along the walls of their arteries, which, along with inflammation, causes heart attacks and strokes.”

Wright said previous studies have demonstrated short-term benefits from the regular use of the Cholesterade powdered mix supplement.

“Our study will be the first to look at the impact of fiber on the known inflammation markers, which are warning signs of elevated risks of heart attack and stroke. We will also be looking at the impact on pre-diabetes.”

Wright and his colleagues at the Center for Prevention and Wellness (CPW), 6263 Poplar Avenue, Suite 650, are looking for 200 participants who have high cholesterol and signs of heart disease.

To join the study, participants agree to have their blood drawn, follow the program rules and meet for evaluation with clinical staff four times during the coming year. Study participants will be modestly compensated.


(For more information, call Bradley Chow at 901-244 4949 or visit www.cpwclinic.com.)


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