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Three things we just learned about millennial voters

BuzzFeed News and Maru/Blue decided to poll 1,006 millennials between 22 and 37 years old about which side of the political aisle they prefer and the results may surprise you.

What they discovered showed deep gender divides among young women and men when it comes to the types of candidates they’d support.

According to the report, the survey did not define “socialist,” “socialism,” or “democratic socialist” for respondents, but 39 percent of the millennial men polled were more likely to call themselves a socialist or democratic socialist, compared to 22 percent of the women polled.

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Here are three additional insightful things we learned about these millennial voters:

  1. About 36 percent of the millennial men polled prefer a white political candidate, while 11 percent of women surveyed held that belief. Meanwhile, 42 percent of Republicans said they prefer a white candidate, compared to 22 percent of Democrats. When it comes to sexual preference, 51 percent of millennials said it wouldn’t matter if a candidate was straight or LGBTQ, 53 percent of men said they prefer a heterosexual candidate.

  2. Millennial women surveyed disapproved at higher rates than men how Donald Trump has handled his job (52% vs. 34%). They’re also annoyed by 45’s family separation policy at the border (71%), his tweets (66%), his rhetoric about Hispanic and Black people (68%), his handling of the hurricane in Puerto Rico (65%), his obsession with “the wall” and how he handles neo-Nazis, the alt-right, and white nationalists with kid gloves (64% for each)…were far more likely to disapprove

  3. As far as impeachment proceedings go, 44 percent of women compared to 35 percent of men said they support it against Trump. There is, of course, a large partisan divide on that question: 81 percent of Democrats said they would support impeachment, compared to 32 percent of Republicans.

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According to Buzzfeed News, the online survey randomly selected over 1,000 American male and female millennials from different ethnicities and regions.

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