PM (Past Master) Kermit Moore of Southside #337, a Tennessee Prince Hall Affiliated Masonic Lodge, is about to load this donated Christmas bike that has McKenzie ready to roll. (Photo: Kelvin Cowans)

Throughout the year, individuals and groups pair with agencies and other groups to bring cheer to children. Often those efforts go unnoticed, with glimpses of them surfacing during special occasions such as the Christmas season.

On Saturday morning (December 19) – a rainy one, 20 local kids left the Airways Professional Center in Whitehaven thankful for one such effort and ready to ride off into their futures.

Thanks to Southside #337, a Tennessee Prince Hall Affiliated Masonic Lodge, each was able to pick out and leave with a beautifully decorated donated bike for Christmas.

The lodge members partnered with the Department of Children’s Services of Tennessee to usher in the holiday cheer.

“Doing good” from Southside #337 are (front to rear) WM (Worshipful Master) Coleman Thompson, GM (Grand Master) Arvin W. Glass, SW (Senior Warden) Lakendrell Parker, JW (Junior Warden) Charles Wilson, (Marshall) Aaron Harrington, PM (Past Master) Michael Campbell, Esq., and PM Kermit Moore. (Photo: Kelvin Cowans)

The bike-giveaway event lasted about two hours, leaving an impression with the likelihood of lasting a lifetime in the minds of the children.

— Reported by Kelvin Cowans