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Tomi Lahren: ‘Being a conservative is harder than being a woman’

Tomi Lahren: Being a conservative is harder than being a woman news Tomi Lahren 1

Last week, Tomi Lahren spoke at the Young Women’s Leadership Summit, according to the Dallas Morning News, where she claimed that it was harder to be conservative than it was to be a woman.

Her argument was that “there’s no better place to be a woman than the United States of America,” claiming that women in this country have it easier than women who aren’t even allowed access to education in other countries.

By contrast, she said, “It’s hard to be conservative sometimes,” and reiterated that “one of the hardest things to be is a conservative.”

Of course, many took Lahren’s comments to task, pointing out that women face daily issues like unequal pay in the workforce, sexual harassment in the workplace and being cat-called by men in the streets. Even more, under the new health care plan being floated by Republicans, women risk their health coverage costing more and lacking basic access to necessities like birth control.

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