Toni Green (Courtesy photo)

Memphis-grown recording artist Toni Green is emerging from the health-conscious restrictions of a COVID-19 world with a remastered recording project and music video launch.

“I grew up around Stax Recording greats, Willie Mitchell, Carla and Rufus, Al Green,” said the popular stage performer. “But, I’ve known hardship before. I spent the past year in strategically planning some business moves that will sustain moving forward. I pulled out some 2005 songs I wrote and remastered one for new release. It’s called “Drive Thru Love Affair.”

Green has what she calls a “wealth of music.” Over decades of performing, Green has written all her own songs and owns all her music. 

“I’m not going to be a singer forever,” said Green. “The pandemic gave me a lot of down time when I could not work, either locally or internationally. I read books to learn the business side of entertainment.  I’ve seen hard times before. I was stuck in an abusive relationship for 10 years. I bathed out of a sink for 12 years. This pandemic was a time to buckle down and do some other kind of work.”

Green is a native Memphian, who graduated from Southside High School. She credits a cousin for teaching her to sing. Stax songwriter Willie Mitchell was also a huge influence on Green’s singer. Green said she learned to sing in rich tones, not swallowing her words, as she put it.

“I tell the truth in my music,” said Green.

“Back in 2005, I connected with the deep side of myself and wrote 14 songs in two days. I tapped into what was (the) most hurtful inside. I was evolving then, and really finding out who I was. I’m still evolving, and I’m going back to the studio to remaster some of my work. The pandemic helped me write the next chapter in my life.”

Green’s newly released single will be available on BMI, Spotify and Google music platforms.

“There was a time when I was blocked from performing on Beale Street, or going overseas, said Green. “I am hopeful for the future because I never lost my faith. I knew God was bringing me through. Now, I am stronger and bigger than I was in was in 2019.”

Green has assembled a crew of producers, performers, and superfans to tape a video for “Drive Thru Love Affair” on June 18, right here in Memphis. Green hopes to expand her fan base in America with her new moves.

“I am more well-known in overseas music markets,” said Green. “Now that restrictions are lifting and people are getting out and going places, I will at some point start back touring internationally.

“But I’m working to bring on a new generation of fans who love Toni Green.”