COVID-19 digital billboards such as this are up for the next two weeks, courtesy of Memphis-based Three(i). (Courtesy photo)

Awareness campaign: ‘Stay home, mane’

Three(i) President Kenneth Worles. (Photo: @blackenterprise/ #be_modernman)

The loose confederation of super-talented young people that periodically intersect my orbit include Kenneth Worles, president at Three(i), a social-impact marketing firm using billboards to flatten the COVID-19 curve throughout Memphis.

Another of those millennial creatives, Brianna A. Smith (the TSD’s All Over Town columnist) actually tipped me about the billboards before I got the official word. In the hubbub of getting this week’s print edition of The New Tri-State Defender published while feeding and our Daily Digital, I lost track of her heads-up.

Then this afternoon, Worles, who shared his creative talent/spirit on staff with the TSD before blasting into the entrepreneurial world, put out the word, officially and widely.

“We’re usually behind the scene helping amazing brands and organizations with their initiatives and campaigns,” Worles, said in his media release. “But we knew we needed to do more. Everyone is affected by this and we all need to work together as a community to flatten that curve.”

The billboards read “COVID-19 won’t bluff – Stay home, mane.”

According to Worles, within two days of the campaign the billboards have been shared on social media by thousands of users, including local elected officials, Academy Award winning film director, Craig Brewer, and Memphis rap legend Gangsta Boo.

The digital billboards are up for the next two weeks at the following locations:

  • 3361 One Place
  • 5916 Macon Cove (next to Southwest Community College
  • Ketchum Cv Memphis, TN 38114
  • 278 West McLemore
  • I-40W @ I-240 Flyover Ramp

Brother Worles, way to go, mane!

NOTE THIS: Find out more about Three(i) by visiting