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TSD FLASH! — Community in photos, something to ponder and today’s music video vibe: Aretha Franklin serenades the Obamas

Where a few are gathered…

(Photo: Tyrone P. Easley)

The Mother’s Day service at St. Mark Baptist Church on Lauderdale, where the Rev. J.C. Bacchus (below photo, seated) is pastor, was heartfelt by those who chose to congregate and worship in-person, adhering to measures recommended for safety during the coronavirus pandemic. (Photos: Tyrone P. Easley)

So they say it’s your birthday…

(Photo: Tyrone P. Easley)

Clift Dates, the retired founder of CDA Security and a co-fonder of the Afro-American Police Association, turned 74 on May 11 and made himself at home in his home during a safety-conscious mini-celebration that featured blues singer Sheba Potts (below).


Still at your service…

Makeda’s Cookies — co-owned by Pamela Hill and her husband, Maurice — has taken safety cautions en route to living up to its motto: “The Best Butter Cookies in the World.” (Photo: Tyrone P. Easley)

Back to a familiar place…

Stein’s Restaurant at 2248 S. Lauderdale was open for business on Friday for the first time since the lockdown.

(Below) Longtime customers making their way back to a familiar place and good eating included Nike VP and Greater Memphis Chamber Chairman Willie Gregory (left) and Leonard Draper, known for mentoring the late Larry Finch and a former Negro League baseball player. (Photos: Tyrone P. Easley)

Something to ponder: ‘Old, sick and incarcerated’

by Julianne Malveaux (NNPA Newswire) —

There were 4623 incarcerated people over 65 in federal prisons during the first week of May. Until May 12, Paul Manafort, Mr. Trump’s one-time campaign manager, was one of them. The 71-year-old petitioned the court for release to home confinement because of his age, heart condition, and “fear of coronavirus.” Yet the federal correctional institution that housed Manafort had no coronavirus cases, and Manafort had served fewer than two years of his more than seven-year sentence. Recently developed federal guidelines suggest at-home confinement for those at risk who have served more than half of their sentence or have less than eighteen months of jail time left to serve. Manafort meets none of these criteria, but he apparently had enough high-priced lawyers to push his case aggressively.

I’m not as outraged at Manafort’s early release as I am disturbed about the other 4622 elderly inmates, most who lack the resources and access that Manafort had. READ MORE

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