#TSDTuesday: Stay hot and sweaty this winter with Drip Essentials

Ashleigh Hayes, Owner of DRIP

Ashleigh Hayes, founder of Drip, an eco-friendly line of yoga and Pilates essentials and Hot Inferno Pilates instructor, took an interest in this particular form of workout in 2017.

After being gifted with her first yoga mat, Hayes would notice how the mat would break apart into pieces and never stayed in place when stretching which would limit the amount of effort she put into her workout. The struggle to find a reliable yoga mat prompted Hayes to take matters into her own hands.

In October of 2020, Hayes created the non-slip, non-resistant DRIP mat which can be used for yoga, hot Pilates, as well as regular workouts and exercises. Hayes describes the DRIP mat as the perfect gift for beginner or experienced yoga and Pilates workouts.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Hayes also hosts virtual yoga and Pilates classes in which students learn more about toning and fitness through Pilates principles.

Drip products are available online as well as Sumits Yoga Memphis and Sol Studio Memphis. Follow @shopfordrip on Facebook and Instagram or visit shopfordrip.com for more information.

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