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TVA partners with Mid-South Food Bank to create school pantries

Latrivia Welch

by Latrivia Welch, Special to The New Tri-State Defender

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) made a sizeable contribution – $100,000 – to Mid-South Food Bank on Monday (November 4) to create six Healthy School Pantries in local schools.

The aim is to make a significant difference for hundreds of families in the area and to help educators increase students’ propensity to learn.

More than 22 percent of children in Shelby County live in food-insecure households. That means that nearly a fourth of the students are not getting the nutrients they need to focus in the classroom.

The six schools receiving the new food pantries are Northaven Elementary, Ross Elementary, A. B. Hill Elementary, Kipp Memphis Academy, Kirby Middle School and Wooddale Middle School.

Through their contribution, TVA seeks to help Mid-South Food Bank do something to lower the rates of food insecurity and provide a better quality of life for families.  The $100,000 contribution will assist in feeding more than 250 families. Students and their families will receive 50 pounds of nutritious food, the equivalent of 42 meals.

The TVA contribution also includes the purchase of a minivan necessary for food bank personnel to deliver the food for distribution to the school pantries and emergency supplies.

“This is such a meaningful partnership for TVA,” said Mark Creech, TVA Memphis executive director.

“We are helping families who need nutritious meals, and our TVA associates can roll up their sleeves and help create the food boxes that the students and families will receive.”

The Mid-South Food Bank is thrilled to have TVA as a partner, said Cathy Pope, Mid-South Food Bank president & CEO, who added that the volunteers are a needed bonus.

“This donation will help feed so many families that need healthy food. We truly appreciate this new partnership,” Pope said.

(Latrivia Welch is a national bestselling author, blogger and foodie, who spends spare time trolling the Mid-South for interesting restaurants and food-related stories to share in her column, Coffee & Eggs, which is named for her two favorite food choices.”)

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