VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Zach Randolph: “I just want to finish up strong. I feel like I have a lot left.”

Though he’s not a part of Sacramento’s future, Zach Randolph is still very much loved in Memphis. (Photo: Warren Roseborough)

This time around, there was no video tribute. There wasn’t even a uniform.

But there was no shortage of love shown for “Z-Bo” — Zach Randolph — who returned to Memphis with his current team, the Sacramento Kings. Ever since the Kings decided to develop their younger players, Randolph has been relegated to the bench, despite the fact that he still feels he can contribute.

“I just want to finish up strong,” he told me after the Grizzlies 112-104 victory. “I still feel like I got a lot left. But I’m just being a professional. I’m just being professional, being a leader to these young guys.”

Speaking of young guys — specifically, ONE young guy named Jaren Jackson Jr. — Randolph had glowing remarks for his fellow Michigan State alum.

“Whew. He’s special,” Randolph said after Jackson’s career 27 point, six rebound, four steal and two block night. “I talked to Marc and Mike about him a long time ago. And he’s a Spartan, so . . .”

Even as a Grizzly, Z-Bo was known for his polite but short postgame chats. This was no different. Check out the full clip above . . .