Video shows jailed Tiger Woods struggling through breathalyzer test entertainment tiger woods video

(Photo: YouTube/CBS Sports)

New video shows Tiger Woods struggling through his breathalyzer test after he was booked for DUI on Monday.

According to new footage obtained by CBS Sports, nearly two and a half hours after he was found asleep at the wheel of his Mercedes, it was clear that Woods wasn’t entirely with it.

“I need you to make a tight seal with your lips and blow directly…” a sheriff’s deputy is seen explaining on the video before she trails off, whistles, and waves her hand at him to get his attention, as it appears Woods is actually asleep on his feet.

“Blow. Out. Blow out. Don’t suck it, blow out,” she instructs, then patiently has to ask him to try again.

When the machine finally registers a breath, she continues to encourage him, saying, “Good, there you go, keep going.”

After that, Woods appears to be confused by the cuffs holding his hands behind his back. “I can’t unlock my two bracelets,” he says, his speech slurred, as he turns to show the deputy the “bracelets” in question.

The deputy assures him that the “bracelets” will come off soon before Woods heads over to a chair and then slumps over.


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