WATCH: African Americans talk about the importance of “The Storyteller”

CBS This Morning airs clip about the "Legacy of Storytelling."


This isn’t a bad way to wrap up African American History month.

CBS This Morning aired a feature this morning that focused on the African tradition of storytelling, interviewing writers, actors and even U.S. Rep. John Lewis of Georgia. It’s certainly worth sharing, which is why you see it here.

And then there’s this: Gayle King, Alex Wagner and John Dickerson are bantering amongst themselves at the end of the clip. Gayle wishes Black History Month was year round. Alex says it’s American history. That’s great coming from two women of color.

And then Dickerson chimes in, with a rather confident and passionate explanation of how African slaves systematically had their stories systematically ripped from them, and why it’s so important: “Stories are the key to regaining identity,” he says. I think it’s a sign of progress that Dickerson A) knows that stuff, B) seems to “get it” and C) talks about it with conviction on national TV.

Anyway, watch, enjoy . . .