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If you’ve ever been annoyed watching a screaming, attention-seeking kid throw a hissy fit and witnessed a parent give in to the madness by offering up a sugary sweet, then you don’t want to meet CJ Pearson, the right-wing teen speaking out against gun control and raising money because he’s not getting the attention he thinks he deserves.

–Thanks NRA! Student injured when teacher fires gun in class–

CJ Pearson, a 15-yearold Black Republican from Augusta, Georgia, is using the Parkland Florida shooting tragedy to raise money on GoFundMe to support his right-leaning agenda and grow his platform to continue to speak out against stricter gun laws. He stands in support of the NRA and is reportedly raising $10,000 to build a website, support a podcast and to sell merchandise in the wake of the Parkland shooting .

Say what now?

“Ever since the tragedy in Parkland a few weeks ago, the media has given endless media coverage and attention to teens like David Hogg and Cameron Kasky who have been used and manipulated by the Left to push their anti-gun agenda,” CJ Pearson writes. “The Left and the media would like you to believe that teens like Hogg and Kasky are the voice of my generation. I beg to differ.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abxVzmuHr7Y]

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CJ Pearson’s GoFundMe is gaining traction and he’s raised $5,000 of his $10,000 goal, thanks mostly to white supporters on his page like Patra Bonnette who encouraged him to follow in his own footsteps.

Cheering you on young man, it’s wonderful to hear sanity among our young people. Remember to always question authority…no blind allegiance to a party, instead critical thought and allegiance to self, for as we walk in Love Light and keep true to thy self, we seek TRUTH! Love Light & Peace my friend…” she wrote.

South Carolina rep. Bakari Sellars is taken aback by Pearson’s boldness to use the Parkland incident for profit

“This is mind boggling. CJ is weirdly raising money off Parkland because he is not getting enough attention ??‍♂️,” Sellars tweeted with an emoji shrugging its shoulders.

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To add insult to injury Pearson also writes:

“Being a member of the Republican Party, I sadly haven’t been afforded the same attention from the mainstream media but It’s ok. I’ve persisted. And over the course of the past few years, I’ve grown a platform that I’m proud of, a combined following of more than 400,000 freedom-loving Americans, and have made a name for myself as the Left’s youngest nightmare.

–Walking out for Chicago: “I witness the cycle of lives taken by gun violence and I will not back down”–

Being a young, Black Republican – I am forced to go head to head against the Left, the media, and their ilk every single day. I’m excited to announce that in the coming months, I’ll be be rapidly expanding my platform online – revamping my website to give my video content a broader reach online, starting a regular email newsletter, and launching a weekly podcast. I’ll be offering merch – t-shirts, hoodies, etc. I’ll even be doing some cool things off line – hopefully traveling to give speeches to many of my peers, changing hearts and minds, and exposing them to #MAGA. And who am I partnering with to do this? The man behind Ted Cruz’s successful 2012 Senate Campaign – his former campaign manager John Drogin. I couldn’t have chosen a better ally for this endeavor of mine. Liberal teens like David Hogg and Cameron Kasky might have Hollywood CNN, and George Soros on their side but the truth and hundreds of thousands of freedom loving Americans are on mine. Any support you might be able to offer would be greatly appreciated!

Pearson has nearly 100k Twitter followers and started making waves in Twitter when he spoke out against then President Barack Obama .

Pearson attacks Obama

CJ Pearson first started gaining popularity back in 2005, when he posted a YouTube video  that has now garnered more than2 million views, saying the President Barack Obama has a “downright hate for the American values our country holds.”

Pearson said the president needws to more clearly condemn the threat of ISIS and call it “what it really is, an assault on Christianity.” He also claims that the president is “not willing to defend our country against the evil of terrorism domestic and abroad.”

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Pearson also said that if the president loved his country, he “wouldn’t try to take away what hard working Americans have worked for their entire lives” and “wouldn’t take away the rights of the American people.”

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