WATCH: Guitarist Nick Collione @ The Perfect Note Memphis – Guest House at Graceland


Check out this footage of Nick Collione’s performance at The Perfect Note Memphis! The show was Friday Night (July 27) at The Guest House at Graceland.

Perfect Note Memphis is a series of intimate shows designed to mix more live jazz into the Memphis Music scene. About halfway through Collione’s show, he stopped to talk with the event’s host before resuming with his “official CD selling song” — a sexy riff on Quincy Jones “Secret Garden.”

Collione had a great sense of humor, delivering lines like: “If you think I wanna take care of you/If you wanna buy a CD or two, buy tonight!” It was all the more perfect because Collione’s Barry White/James Earl Jones speaking voice had the ladies swooning all night. Check out the chat, followed by the “CD selling song (starts at about 14:00):”