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WATCH: National Day of Prayer service at Handy Park on Beale St.


In general, Memphians don’t need a specific occasion to pray; certainly not anything as formal as a “National Day of Prayer.” Nor do they need a specific reason; for many, praise is as natural as breathing.

But with an ongoing drumbeat of violence and crime, there is PLENTY of reason to pray. And so the National Day of Prayer took on a special meaning on Thursday, May 2, as Mayor Paul Young and the Office of Community Affairs hosted a prayer service at Handy Park on Beale.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled into a revival — there was certainly singing and praising. In addition to Christian Clergy, representatives from several other faith traditions joined in the event. Plus, Young and Interim Police Chief CJ Davis offered remarks at the end.

We livestreamed most of the event . . . check it out below!

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