WATCH: Sharp Memphis Black Women talk about how to invest in real estate at NAREB panel

Looking for ways to build wealth? NAREB will be teaching people how to get the keys to a home and generational wealth during the Build Black Wealth Tour 2024.

The National Association of Real Estate Brokers is celebrating National Realtist Week 2024. And they’re on a mission to educate Memphians about HOW to build wealth — the kind you can pass on to your children.

Realtist Week kicked off Sunday, April 7, and will conclude on Saturday, April 14 with a “The Building Black Wealth 100 City Tour” — a half-day event aimed at showing everyday people that owning your own home is more within your reach than you may realize.

Chlonda Barton is co-owner of CMB Enterprise LLC, a construction company. She says new home construction is wide open for black women to get into, and invites others to join her. (Photo: Lee Eric Smith/Tri-State Defender)

To that end, the Women’s Council of the Memphis NAREB chapter hosted a session called “Creating Multiple Streams of Income in Real Estate.” Virtually every aspect of real estate ownership was discussed — from first time home buying, to rental properties, to short-term rentals (AirBnB,VRBO) and even commercial real estate.

TSD wanted to make sure this information was shared, so we set up a camera and livestreamed today’s session, which was held at the Universal Life Building on Beale Street. We did experience some audio issues and there was no microphone in the room. We are working to improve, so be patient with us. But there is certainly GOLD in what these women are talking about so we think it’s worth listening to.

Me? i just loved seeing a roomful of sharp Black women talking seriously about SERIOUS money. And if you’re serious about growing your wealth, check it out: