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‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s’ Miss Robbie suing son Tim

Miss Robbie, of the OWN Network show “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s,” is suing her son, Tim, over trademark infringement after he opened an eatery called TJ’s Sweetie Pie’s NOHO.

According to the lawsuit, the opening of the eatery, along with others opened in Berkeley, Missouri and Flourissant, Missouri, violated trademark and created confusion, especially because Tim had appeared on the popular OWN show.

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“The fact Defendant Norman is identified as a member of Miss Robbie’s family on the Sweetie Pie’s Show, along with his position on the Show, further increases the potential of causing confusion in the market place,” the lawsuit reads.

Furthermore, Miss Robbie alleged that she was worried about her son’s restaurant damaging her brand because of bad reviews, some of which read: “Huge fan of the show … love Ms. Robbie and the entire family…. The LA location is in dire need of Ms. Robbie to get the food on track,” and “I do not recommend spending your time or money on this place. Maybe we all need to go Ms. Robbie’s in St. Louis.”

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She also claimed that Tim took money from the Montgomery location that she is demanding back, along with unspecified damages.

Neither of them has commented publicly on the case.

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Below is a clip on Norman on the popular series

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