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White House photo of Betsy DeVos ironically misspells ‘Education’

On Monday, a picture of Betsy DeVos was released from the White House showing her celebrating Easter by reading to several kids at the annual Easter Egg Roll. But the picture isn’t what has caught national attention: it’s the caption.

“Secretary of Educatuon,” the caption reads, which is probably one of those most ironic typos the White House has put forward so far.

Of course, no one on the internet was going to let the White House get away with something like that, especially when it comes to “educatuon.” People were quick to drag the typo all over the internet, while others bemoaned the future of America’s schools if this is the kind of thing the Secretary of Education allows.

White House photo of Betsy DeVos ironically misspells Education news betsy devos gaffe 600x450

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