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White patron hands black waitress a menu with a swastika drawn on it

White patron hands black waitress a menu with a swastika drawn on it

A Georgia waitress was stunned when a patron handed her a menu with a swastika drawn on it.

Shelley Sidney, who is black, said that she was waiting on guests at a private party at Antica Posta in Buckhead on Thursday and gathering menus when the last guest returned his with the hate symbol drawn on it.

“I get to the last person in the party, and they give me a menu that has a swastika drawn it,” Sidney told WSBTV’s Channel 2.

She immediately showed the menu to her boss, but owner Marco Betti said that it was a matter of freedom of speech and would not kick the guest out as she requested. When she went downstairs, she also heard someone use the N-word.

“I was really in tears when I was overhearing the conversations, the private conversations of just how horrible black people are, immigrants are, gay people are,” she recalled.

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According to the restaurant’s attorney, Manny Arora,”As soon as she made any reference to anything inappropriate being overheard, Marco immediately asked her if she didn’t want to wait on those folks and reassigned somebody else.” Sidney also stated that she told Betti that she was done serving the group.

Staff at the restaurant saw books and looked into the author, only to find that it was Holocaust-denier David Irving, who was hosting the speaking event. But Betti apparently had no idea that’s who was coming.

“You don’t check into people’s backgrounds or their political beliefs before you agree to a reservation,” Arora said.

Sidney claimed that she had been asked not to come in to work in the last two days, but Arora insisted that she still had a job at the restaurant if she wanted it.

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