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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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Who Wants Sex More in Relationships, Men or Women? The Answer May Surprise You

Sexual myths are made to be debunked. For example, sex doesn’t necessarily get less satisfying as you get older, modern Americans aren’t nearly as promiscuous as their predecessors, and the best time during the day to make love isn’t at night. And, according to a new study, a major myth about gender-based sexual stereotypes just got turned on its head.

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Research conducted by Voucher Codes Pro found that 59 percent of women have a desire for more sex than their partner. Traditionally, men, depicted as a tuxedoed-wolf here, are portrayed as having more uncurbed sexual desire than women in popular media. In comparison, just 41 percent of men expressed a want for more sex in their relationship.

The study surveyed 2,383 participants ages 18+ in the U.K. to find these results. The disconnect also led to disagreement a fair amount of the time, as 21 percent of couples stated that they had argued with their partner about sex in the past. (Couples argue way more about this topic than sex, however).

The strife about topics between the covers could stem from the fact that 32 percent of participants thought their spouse was a lazy lover, and 34 percent of couples found there was a ‘lack of adventurousness’ in their sex lives.



by Sam Benson Smith of Reader’s Digest

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