Shameless admission: I like watching ABC’s The View. It’s something of a tradition, in that it was part of my mother’s routine while I was her full-time caregiver. But it’s always at its best when Whoopi Goldberg is moderating — she somehow manages to bring wit and wisdom in just the right dose.

But on Thursday, Goldberg unleashed her fury on HUD Secretary Ben Carson. Apparently, Carson made some boneheaded remark about TRIPLING the rent on low-income housing projects as an incentive for poor people to work harder. And Whoopi, who grew up in a housing project, was NOT having it.

“Let me explain something to you . . .  BEN . . .” is how a seething Whoopi starts off. The rest is television gold, especially for anyone who is tired of having the impoverished somehow blamed for their own poverty. Co-host Sunny Hostin, who is Puerto Rican and also grew up in the projects, also tells a tearful story of her own hardships. It’s pretty compelling stuff.

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