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Woman tries to run congressman off road over anti-Obamacare vote

Woman tries to run congressman off road over anti Obamacare vote news Congressman David Kustoff

(Facebook/U.S. House Office of Photography)

A Tennessee woman has been arrested after she allegedly tried to run her congressman off the road over his vote to repeal Obamacare.

On Monday, Wendi Wright attempted to speak with Rep. David Kustoff on the University of Tennessee campus, where he was attending a meeting. According to Sgt. Marty Plunk, Kustoff left without listening to her complaints, and she began to follow him in his car.

With Wright following them, Kustoff and his aide Marianne Dunavant began to be “in fear of being forced off the roadway,” so they got off the road. Wright followed them.

— House GOP muscles through health care bill to replace Obamacare — 

“Wright exited her vehicle and began screaming and striking the windows” and at one point reached into the car. She also tried to stop them from leaving by standing in front of the car, though by the time police arrived, she was gone.

“What she was saying was more cursing at the congressman and his aides,” Plunk told WMC. “But, I think the basis of all of it was a health care vote that he had cast that she was upset with.”

Wright was found after she posted about the incident on Facebook, and she has been charged with reckless endangerment.

“A protest is one thing,” Plunk said. “She went a little further than that. You know she went to extreme levels of putting them in fear of their own safety.”

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