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YAG’s Chrysti Chandler honored for her good works

Young Actors Guild Founder Chrysti Chandler was appropriately honored recently for her work guiding the community-based Young Actors Guild (YAG) over the past 32 years. 

Last Sunday (May 7th) at the Influential 20 Black Tie Awards Gala held at the Holiday Inn Memphis-University of Memphis, Chandler was presented with the Community Advocate Honoree award. 

The night before (May 6th), a sold-out audience at the Crosstown Theater experienced why Chandler so deservedly earned the accolade as the Young Actors Guild (YAG) presented its annual student showcase performance. Entitled “Centerstage,”  it showcased the work YAG does training youths each year in the performing arts. 

“Centerstage” was compelling from start to finish. Tots twirling in synchronized unison, Memphis’s signature jookin, ballet, and epic spoken-word poetry all led to a closing tribute to Tyre Nichols that drew gasps from the crowd. Chandler selected all of the songs and the choreographers executed her vision, allowing the students to excel in the pure joy of dance while showcasing their individual and collective strengths. 

Young Actors Guild founder Chrysti Chandler was in good company at the Influential 20 awards. (Courtesy photo)

Of course, it all takes hard work. The week before, YAG performed at the Memphis Children’s Theatre Festival. And now preparation is underway for the annual summer camp, where students will be trained in the discipline of the performing arts.

The camp, which is scheduled for May 30-July 21, will run Monday through Friday from  7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is open to ages 8 to 17.

(For more information, call 901-240-2013.) 

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