Z-Bo reflects on ‘#50ForDaCity’ documentary on his career, impact

Terry Davis

One of the most beloved players to ever done a Memphis Grizzlies uniform, Zach Randolph (No. 50) was the subject of the premier of “#50ForDaCity” this week.

The documentary, which chronicles how the player widely known as Z-Bo was acquired by the Memphis Grizzlies and his impact on and off the court, was made available on YouTube on Tuesday (Dec. 7).

The production details how Randolph was released by the Los Angeles Clippers for their new incoming player Blake Griffin. He always held his release against the Clippers and used it as motivation to become a better person and player.

Not only was Z-Bo a great player on the court, he contributed to making the lives of Memphians better.

It is well documented how he would give money to people who needed help for, among other things, paying their utility bills, feeding their families or adequate clothing.

He occasionally would visit people he helped, telling them about his upbringing and empathizing with the issues they faced.

The documentary shares inside information on some of his most famous on-court incidents, including ones with Griffin and Kendrick Perkins. 

One reason Randolph still is beloved by the city of Memphis is because people felt they could relate to him and that he could relate to them on a personal level.

“It is mind blowing,” said Randolph. “Just to go in the rafters and have the documentary. It is all the love that the city and organization has shown me. I have given back. I gave my sweat and they respected it.”

The late Judge D’Army Bailey and his wife, Adrienne Marie Bailey, join with other Grizzlies’ fans, including this one wearing Zach Randolph’s No. 50, as they celebrate Memphis’ Game 6 victory over the rival Clippers in May 2013. (Photo: Warren Roseborough/TSD Archives)

Randolph will have his No. 50 jersey retired Saturday (Dec. 11) at FedExForum when the Grizzlies face the Houston Rockets.

Regarding watching the documentary, Randolph said, “It was a lot of emotions, especially the part on seeing my mom, it just brought back memories. 

“I was wishing her and my brother was here, but I know they are watching over me and smiling.  It was great to see that documentary.”

(For more on the #50ForDaCity celebration, visit https://on.nba.com/31BLMPl.)