Evvie McKinney gives this young questioner her full attention. (Photo: Karanja A. Ajanaku)

Evvie McKinney was her absolute at-home best during a welcoming reception at Handy Park on Beale St. Thursday afternoon.

Fresh off of her winning performance on the finale of Fox’s “The Four,” McKinney strode onto the stage at Handy Park just as she is: a talented performer with a deeply-rooted commitment to her faith and unabashedly in love with Memphis.

McKinney is 20 years old. Recognizing so many who have played significant roles in her life up to now, she turned the reception for her at Handy Park into a “thank-you-y’all” session and then sought ought young people eager to ask questions of the budding star.

After watching McKinney’s interaction with the crowd, an observer said, “If Memphis didn’t exist, she would represent the possibility!”