By Joy Doss, Special to The New Tri-State Defender

Remy Ma and DJ Self promised “FIYAH” when they came to Memphis — and they delivered.

K-97 DJs Devin Steel and Mic Tee got partygoers warmed up in anticipation of “Love and Hip Hop” (New York) stars DJ Self and Remy Ma – with a little help from promoter and impromptu hype man Thomas Brownlee.

Even TSD publisher Bernal E. Smith II got to turn up a little bit when Self pulled him onstage! That was fun to see.

Everyone in the building was waiting on Remy with baited breath. Every. One. A few weeks ago, Remy broke the Internet with “Shether,” her diss track aimed at Nicki Minaj. That track catapulted her into the hip-hop stratosphere — it’s the stuff legends are made of. I promise. Beyond that, she’s riding high off chart blazers with Fat Joe like “Money Showers” and “All The Way Up.”

I am absolutely loving her resurgence. She has always been one of the baddest in the rap game, no exaggeration. It’s great that she has so many new fans but please understand that Remy has had bars for YEARS. I would encourage the younguns or the unfamiliar, to check out “Ante Up.” To provide a localized frame of reference, it’s like Triggerman for Brooklyn peeps. Seriously, same reaction. Just know that the whole place is about to go completely bananas!

DJ Self stepped on the stage for the turn up. He gave us about an hour of perfectly calibrated party time, a fine balance of NYC swag and down south grit, grind and bounce. It was hot! When Remy came on it went from the turn up to “all the way up!” Everybody was jumping and cheering, singing along, sweating and hard dancing into the wee hours of the morning.

My crew and I had a good ole time too. We loved the VIP treatment. The food from Melissa’s Fine Catering was on point (that bang bang shrimp though!) and we definitely appreciated the open bar courtesy of Effen Vodka. Very nice touch.

The Society Memphis team promised an experience, versus just a concert or a party, and we got just that. This was their first time in Memphis and our city showed them love. So here’s to the next one! Hopefully sooner than later.