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After scuffle with Lebron, Jaren Jackson on Coach Taylor Jenkins: ‘That’s my dog . . . At all times, I know he’s got my back’

The Grizzlies notched a thrilling win against the Lakers on Friday, Jan. 5, but not without some heated moments.Memphis Grizzlies come from behind in thrilling win over LeBron, Lakers, 127-113

Specifically, in the third quarter, when both Lakers legend LeBron James and the Grizzlies’ Jaren Jackson Jr. went to the floor pursuing a rebound. While on the ground, LeBron caught Jaren with a blow to the face, leaving the Block Panther sprawled out face-down on the court holding his face.

Judging from the no-call, the referee didn’t see it. But Grizzlies Head Coach Taylor Jenkins did and almost immediately started to storm onto the court to scream at the ref for the no-call — while the game was still in progress. Jenkins was immediately given a tech, but still had to be held back by his coaching staff, he was so hot.

“I apologized to (Lakers Coach) Darvin (Ham) for interrupting play,” Jenkins said. “I saw a tussle there. Jaren was clamping LeBron. They didn’t see that. I saw something that crossed the line.

“I had to stand up for my guy.”

After the win, ESPN interviewed both Jackson and co-star Ja Morant. Jackson was asked what it’s like to have a coach stand up for him like that.

“That’s my dog,” Jackson said. “He’s been great all season. He’s been great ever since he’s been here. He’s held it down the whole time and that’s just what he does. He’s one of us. He’s a player’s coach. He’s with us in the den, he’s with us when it gets hard, so I expect nothing less.

“And I already knew what he was on, I could hear him when I was on the ground,” he continued. “So at all times, I know he’s got my back.”

You can watch the full post-game clip above. And be sure to check out Terry Davis’ game story here.

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