Amber Rose snatched edges in a recent interview where she finally gave her two-cents about Kanye West’s erratic tweets and pro-Trump support.

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Rose who once dated Yeezy, spoke with The Fallen State show and gave a plausible take on West Trump-loving tirade saying that Trump is “Kanye in a white man’s body.”

“I really felt like [Donald & Kanye] have the same personality, like completely the same personality,” she said.

“I would like to think that Kanye met with Trump and Trump said, ‘Look, I seen these people, I knew they were gonna vote for me and I used them to get elected and I can’t tell nobody that because I want to get a second term, but now that I’m in office I really want to make a change.’ Now, Kanye can’t snitch on him, he can’t snitch on himself. So, you know, maybe he’s thinking of the greater good of what Trump can do for the country.”

While Rose and West have been at odds ever since their tumultuous breakup, she said that the rapper likely latched on to Trump because of how he used people to get to the top.

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“Kanye’s the type of person that he loves art, and he loves the art in things, so I think that he appreciates the politics that Trump used in order to get in office, ’cause Trump was a Democrat for like 30 years I heard, or something like that,” she said.

“So I could only hope that Trump kind of used the white people, seemingly like racist white people, to get in office maybe for the greater good. I don’t know.”

Rose also talked about her upcoming Slut Walk, 21 Savage, and her thoughts on the #MeToo movement.

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