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Attorney: Jesse Williams’ non-spousal support request is a ‘technicality’

Jesse Williams is reportedly splitting from his wife, Aryn Drake-Lee.

And although Williams’ lawyer checked the box to indicate that he does not want to pay spousal support, he says that it’s just a technicality.

According to theJasmineBrand.com, the box was simply checked because Williams does not want to end up paying spousal support for Drake-Lee’s whole life, with a source saying, “They did not have a long-term marriage so she is not entitled to lifetime support. His lawyer checked that particular box to make sure that after the allotted spousal support mark, it is terminated.”

According to California law, when a marriage lasts under 10 years, a spouse could be entitled to spousal support for the duration of half the length of the marriage, as compared to marriages that last more than 10 years, where lifetime spousal support comes into play.

Jesse and Aryn’s marriage lasted five years.


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