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Baptist ministers group leads day of prayer

Three hundred pastors and clergy of The Memphis Baptist Ministerial Association have called for a day of prayer today “to help us as we struggle with our current state of affairs that encompasses planet earth.”

The plan notes noon today (April 8) as the starting point, with all religious leaders, lay persons, non-clergy and all people of faith invited to participate.

Pastors, ministers and religious leaders were asked to pray from their place of worship.

“As you kneel, remember ‘prayer is the sincere desire of the heart unuttered or expressed.’ Let us pray for our doctors, nurses, medical workers, patients, first responders and all of those  on the front line of battle,” the ministers said in a release about the effort.

A goal of the day is ongoing prayer for “our city, state and country that God will heal the land.”

The ministers emphasized their intention to (follow the guidelines of our Congressman, Governor and Mayor” and not congregate, choosing to “pray wherever you are at the above time.”


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