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Bill Cosby reportedly fears poison, surveillance ahead of trial

Bill Cosby reportedly fears poison, surveillance ahead of trial entertainment bill cosby 1

(Photo: Nate Smallwood-Pool/Getty Images)

Bill Cosby is growing increasingly isolated and paranoid ahead of his trial.

Cosby’s hearing is scheduled to take place on June 5, but during pre-trial hearings, Cosby refused to stay at local hotels and instead opted to get up in the wee hours of the morning to take a private flight from his home to the hearing.

The reason? He’s worried someone will spike his drink or try to poison him.

“He and his wife are afraid that if he stayed at a hotel, someone will find a way to poison him, put something in his food,” a source told PageSix.

“He’s blind … so that makes him even more vulnerable to [being] poisoned or to having someone sneak into his room,” said another.

The disgraced comedian has even gone so far as to start lugging around meals and water bottles, refusing to drink the water from courthouse water fountains.

The other reason for his refusal to stay in a hotel is that he is worried someone will put a camera or other kind of surveillance device in his room.

“He’s thinking and his team is thinking, if he’s put in a hotel room, someone will find out which room he’s staying in and they’ll put a bug or a device in the room,” a source said, adding that his wife, Camille, “really worries about him and she calls throughout the day to check on him.”

What’s more, apparently Cosby is frustrated by the fact that he is not getting any support from his former supporters.

“Guys like Murphy, Lawrence and Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, guys that he paved the way for … they won’t offer any support,” a source close to the family explained.

“He can’t even pay people to come and support him. He’s been told that agents have informed their clients that their careers would be over if they got involved.

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