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Black on the Fourth: Remix this 4th of July to reclaim your holiday

As many Black folks know, the 4th of July holiday wasn’t created with us in mind. However, we’re reclaiming our time! Due to the underwhelming mainstream attention that Juneteeth — the closest thing to celebrating our Black independence — gets, this year, we decided to remix how we do July 4.

Check out these four ways you can make the fourth, y(our) own!

Have a Real Cookout and Show Out!

In the words of the great philosopher, Beyoncé, we like to part-ayyy. You don’t need to have an excuse to throw a summer cookout, but it always helps to have one! The fourth of July is the best reason to pull out the grill, cook a trill meal that goes beyond just burgers and hotdogs.

While many people usually keep the grilling selections light on the 4th of July, and throw it down on Memorial and Labor Day, we say keep that same energy going. This is a good time to try a new BBQ ribs recipe (or just get Unc to make his), maybe introduce some vegan options to the elders of the crew, or create your own signature potato salad, but be ready for the ultimate clap back if you dare to include raisins.

Listen, calories don’t count at cookouts. We call them “fun points,” so sit back, relax and fix yourself a plate and one to go.

Red (Cups), White and Blue!

I been drinking, I been dranking… The summer is always a good excuse to stay hydrated. Stay cool in the heat wave that’s been hitting everyone in the country (and Europe) by trying out and slowly sippin’ on a number of cocktails.

Everything from Blueberry Lemonades to Cherry Mimosas will keep you in theme of the holiday. The best part? There are plenty of virgin options aka mock-tails for non-alcohol crew as well including a red, white, and blue daiquiri. Check out some of these delicious drink recipes from Delish.com to kick off your 4th, and ensure you sip in style!.

Tune Up! Get That Playlist Ready

C’mon… A party ain’t a party without the party favors and the one thing that brings all the party flavor — good music!

Cookout anthems have long existed and last we checked, you don’t need an excuse to hit “rewind” on a good tune. From the classic, “Before I Let Go,” by Frankie Beverly and Maze, to the Beyoncè remix that mashes up Frankie & Cameo‘s “Candy” for the new school.

From the hip hop nostalgia that’s Will Smith & DJ Jazzy’s Jeff‘s “Summer Time” to Biggie‘s Juicy, or even Juvie‘s “Back That A** Up,” get your 4th of the July playlist tight and right. Trust us, you’ll be guaranteed to be the best host this summer leaving everyone talking on the 5th about how you did that damn thing.

Get more 4th of July playlist ideas, here.

Firewerks & Twerk

Let’s be honest, a 4th ain’t a 4th until the fireworks go all the way AWF! After all, the lit-est thing about the 4th of July is… well, the lights!

If your neighborhood isn’t too keen on letting a few fireworks dazzle the night sky, don’t sweat it. Do a search online to find the best places to take in an official fireworks show in your city. Check out this list from CountryLiving for 20 of the best places across the country to watch a fireworks show.

Whatever you do, stay safe, stay sexy, and always keep it Black. 



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