Recently, a Black Lives Matter protest in Los Angeles captured national headlines when it shut down the 405 Freeway, but what has captured more interest is a picture that emerged from the protest itself, showing two women in brown berets standing in solidarity with members of the Nation of Islam.

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The caption on the original image, which shows the two Latina women in brown berets standing with a member of the Nation of Islam between them and others around them, reads: “In solidarity with BLM Los Angeles Womyn of the East Los Angeles Brown Berets standing in formation with the Nation Of Islam.”

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The women in the picture are wearing uniforms in a parliamentary style and are members of the pro-Chicano civil rights organization called the East Los Angeles Brown Berets, which states that its purpose is to stand “in solidarity with all oppressed people of color who struggle for a better tomorrow.”

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“I always hear about black and brown people clashing, but this scene captured the Brown Berets and the Nation of Islam standing side by side,” said photographer John Garcia.