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Carmelo Anthony and La La separated over alleged love child

Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony are reportedly separated and living apart after a woman claimed to be pregnant with Carmelo’s child, sources tell TMZ.

The nearly seven-year marriage was reportedly already on the rocks for some time, but the alleged mistress and possible love child was the tipping point, sources said. The woman has not been identified, however, she is said to be a dancer who often works at a gentleman’s club in New York City.

The woman is asking that Carmelo handle medical expenses and other baby-related costs.

As for the marriage, neither Carmelo nor La La have filed for divorce, though those close to the couple say there’s very little chance of reconciliation. Things have also been particularly stressful because of the NBA season which has seen the Knicks looking to trade Camelo to a different team. The uncertainty has reportedly put a bit of a strain on their marriage.

Carmelo and La La Anthony wedded in July 2010 after a nearly six-year engagement. The pair have a 10-year-old son Kiyan. So far no one has released a public statement on the reported separation.


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