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Carmelo Anthony’s alleged pregnant mistress revealed

Mia Angel Burks has been identified as the woman in the middle of the split between Carmelo and La La Anthony.

The Northwestern University grad (with a master’s degree in health communication) allegedly started seeing Carmelo last summer and now claims to be pregnant with his child. According to The Post, Carmelo also believes that he is the father and is now helping to take care of both Burks and the unborn child.

Burks’ name was allegedly revealed after one of her friends leaked it to counter stories that Carmelo had gotten a stripper pregnant.

–Carmelo, La La Anthony’s prenup leaves hundreds of millions at stake–

Anthony Jacobs, the friend, told Chicago radio station WGCI-FM that Burks and Carmelo had met at a Chicago nightclub.

“Mia met Carmelo at Room Seven, a club in Chicago when he was here for the NBA draft doing press,” he told Chicago Morning Takeover. “She’s not a stripper… she works in education setting up programs.”

Jacobs said that Burks would fly out to see him with her own money. “Carmelo wasn’t taking her serious to the point where she started to buy her own plane tickets to go see him,” he said, but he added that she had never meant to hurt his marriage.

“She was more giddy about it than anything,” he said. “When those type of girls talk to those kind of guys, I don’t think that’s the premise in the back of their head, ‘I’m gonna go destroy this happy home.’ It’s fun. It’s perks.”


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