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COGIC Presiding Bishop Sheard writes an inspirational devotional

Imagine being a pastor, an entrepreneur, an author, and leader of the largest African-American Pentecostal denomination in the world.

The Church of God in Christ (COGIC) Presiding Bishop J. Drew Sheard thrives on managing all those roles because of his faith, but also because of the support of his family.

COGIC Bishop J. Drew Sheard has released a new book of devotionals called “Say It. Tell It. Live It.”

As COGIC prepares for its 115th Holy Convocation in Memphis, which begins Tuesday (Nov. 7), Bishop Sheard has released his new book – “Say It. Tell It. Live It.: An Inspiring and Uplifting 52 Week Devotional.”

The bishop said the devotional was created because of his experience during the pandemic.

The weekly devotional not only serves as a reminder of God’s Word, but as a powerful tool for resolving life’s challenges in a way that aligns with His divine plan.

In the devotional, Bishop Sheard offers wise, comforting, and inspiring spiritual companionship, providing encouraging messages, biblical inspiration, and uplifting stories to remind Christians that life is a journey, not a destination.

Within each reflection, Bishop Sheard shares nuggets of wisdom that lead believers down an introspective path, including:

  • To rehearse daily obedience to God.
  • Avoid being caught up in a fleeting moment.
  • Live life lovingly and unselfishly.
  • Treasure their destiny in the Kingdom of God.
  • And remember that salvation is the gift of God.

Bishop Sheard shared how the COVID-19 restrictions and fear caused by the COVID-19 pandemic were so depressing and painful.

He wanted to write this devotional to help people get through tough moments and to increase their faith in God.

“I lost my mother and father during the pandemic, and it was very painful. I know what I was dealing with and wanted to create something to help others,” Bishop Sheard said.

He continued, “My wife and I counseled couples who had to be together all day during the pandemic, and it was tough. We ministered to them that they can make it through this.

“Right now, we are still dealing with COVID-19 and other issues during this season. People need something on a daily basis that reinforces that they are going to make it, that they are going to win. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to write this book.”

Other key highlights of “Say It. Tell It. Live It.,” include:

Fifty-two weeks of devotionals to inspire and uplift.

Thought-provoking reflections and personal anecdotes from Bishop Sheard.

The book is based on sermons delivered by Bishop Sheard.

Some of the passages in the book include A Good Name, Drop It and Run, Moments of Weakness, the Spirit of Renewal and Will Somebody Please Pass the Salt?

“Salt and sugar are different, but they look alike,” said Bishop Sheard. “Salt is an agitator. We don’t want to be so sweet that we are not challenging. We want to agitate to a point where we will do better which is good for improvement.”

The book already has received high praise from respected religious leaders, including Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson, chairman of The Conference of National Black Churches.

“All who are blessed to engage in this profound work will find a companion to expanding knowledge of the Word of God. This book is a must-read for all people of faith,” Richardson said.

Bishop Sheard explained his devotional differs from other compilations because it challenges readers to go beyond their relationship with the Lord and help someone else have a relationship with the Lord.

He prays this devotional will bless people and uplift them so they can know that God is able to see them through and give them strength.

“God promised never to put too much on us that we can’t bear, and if you are dealing with it, you can make it. That was the impetus of me writing this book.”

(To order the devotional, you can visit the website www.sayittellitliveit.com.)

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