COVID-19 Resource Center: Frequently Asked Questions about BlueCross and COVID-19

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BlueCross is here for you during this unusual time. It doesn’t feel good, but together we’ll get through this.

Our members are our priority, and we’re here to answer your questions. We’ve heard from many across Tennessee and across the country, and we’re sharing these topics to help all of our members.

Q: Will my plan cover the COVID-19 test?

A: Yes. We’ll cover and waive member costs for the FDA-approved test, as well as those currently pending FDA approval. We’re also waiving member copays and deductibles for the visit to your provider, urgent care center or emergency room related to the test, as long as the provider is in your network.

Q: Will my health plan cover treatment of COVID-19?

A: Yes. If you’re diagnosed with COVID-19, we’ll cover any relevant provider treatment. We’ll also waive your costs for COVID-19 treatment at in-network facilities and with in-network providers through May 31, 2020.

Q: I’m experiencing COVID-19 symptoms – fever, cough or trouble breathing – and fear I’ve been exposed. What do I do?

A: The first step is to stay home and separate yourself from other people or animals as much as possible. That’ll help keep germs from spreading until you can get advice from a doctor. Next, call your provider’s office and tell them your symptoms. If they think you need to be tested, they can give you instructions for where to go and what to do. That’ll help keep down the risk of others’ getting sick. If you don’t have a regular doctor, you can call your local health department.

Q: Someone came to my door to sell testing and preventive medicine for coronavirus. Is this a scam?

A: Yes. This is a scammer trying to take advantage of people. Testing is done at approved sites with doctor’s orders, and there’s no medicine to prevent or cure the virus and illness currently.

Q: Where can I get tested for COVID-19?

The Tennessee Department of Health has a COVID-19 assessment site map. Locations are added as they become available.

Q: Have you done anything for people in the state who might not have BlueCross?

A: Yes. The BlueCross Foundation donated $3.25 million to food banks throughout Tennessee to help local organizations fight hunger. In Memphis, a $750,000 donation was made to Mid-South Food Bank. The Foundation also gave $75,000 to Memphis and Shelby County to help with the expansion of free COVID-19 testing for residents who do not have health insurance, as well as for other health care services related to the condition.

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