Facebook apologizes for blocking a gospel group’s music video ad for having ‘political content’


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Last week, a country band complained saying Facebook censored its music for its content and now a gospel group is upset about the same thing.

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The social media site is working to crackdown on harmful content but in the midst, it’s relying on an algorithm to get the job done. The group, Zion’s Joy! Said they paid to promote their gospel music video with Facebook’s promotion tools but the content was blocked and tagged for its “political content,” reports The Blaze.

The video called “What Would Heaven Look Like” shows scenes of people protesting but it’s intent was to “touch people’s hearts and let people know that we can do better than the world is doing right now,” said Robert W. Stevenson.

Stevenson maintains that the content is positive in nature. One line in the song reads: “I know it might feel like this trouble will stay, but this world will soon fade away.” He said the song is an ode to a world with God and “bigotry and hate are absent, only love and peace are present.”

Similar Incident

The same thing happened to a music group called the Wes Cook band. They slammed the social media platform for censoring their song.

The Nashville country group said they tried to use the paid promotional tools on Facebook but was banned from running an ad for their song “I Stand for the Flag,” which apparently addresses the NFL kneeling protests launched by Colin Kaepernick. Facebook lifted the ban after further review.

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A Facebook Apology

Facebook also restored Zion’s Joy content.
In a Thursday statement, a Facebook spokesperson said that its policy on political ads is “new, broad and exists to prevent election interference, so we’re asking people with content that falls under those rules to simply get authorized and show who paid for the ad in order for it to run.”

“We made an error by deleting the original post. As soon as we identified what happened, we restored the post since it does not violate our Community Standards and have apologized to Zion’s Joy.”

Watch the video in question below:

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