FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: New MSCS Superintendent Dr. Marie Feagins makes new friends on Day 1

Dr. Marie Feagins cuts the ribbon to her new office. (Photo: MSCS Website)

By April, most teachers, parents, students —  pretty much everybody, really — is looking forward to the end of the school year.

But for new Memphis-Shelby County Schools Superintendent Dr. Marie Feagins, April 1 was the first day on her new job. Technically, that made it her first day of school here in Memphis. And she spent a good chunk of the day getting to know the lay of the land.

Much of Dr. Feagins’ first day of work has been well-documented on the MSCS website. In addition to a highlight reel of Feagins meeting with elected officials, community leaders and students, Feagins is also on the first leg of her “VIP Tour,” making stops at Melrose High School and Fox Meadows Elementary. Monday evening, she visited Red Zone Ministries.

Dr. Feagins (center) is greeted by Principal Kristopher Davis (left) and students at Melrose High School. (Photo: MSCS Website)

After her early school visits, Feagins finally arrived at the district offices where she was greeted with cheers before cutting the ribbon to her new office.

During her visit to Fox Meadows ES, Dr. Feagins joins students on the carpet. (Photo: MSCS Website)

“We’re in a good spot right now,” Feagins said in the MSCS post. “For me, it’s important to know what I’m getting into, and the sessions, roundtables, and meetings that have happened so far have been thorough in briefing. You know, I like to go beyond the surface level.”

In an open-letter to the community, Feagins’ outlined her goals in Phases:

  • Phase One:
    Immerse myself in the community, engaging with local leaders, educators, administrators, students, and parents through roundtable discussions and site visits.
  • Phase Two:
    Publish a transition report with recommendations regarding my three strategic priorities: building strong relationships, delivering an unrivaled education, and modernizing school facilities.
  • Phase Three:
    Present to the Board a comprehensive three- to five-year strategic plan outlining the District’s future direction.

The TSD has already been in contact with MSCS for an exclusive sit-down with Dr. Feagins . . . stay tuned! In the meantime, check out this infographic outlining her 100-day plan.