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Georgia teens ask for jobs to stay away from gangs and get hired that day

Zsa Zsa Heard, who is the head of the LaGrange Housing Authority in Georgia, says when four teens approached her to ask for summer jobs, she thought they were just looking to earn a little cash.  She was surprised at their answer when she asked why they wanted to work through their summers.

“They revealed gang members were approaching them,” Heard said.

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All of the young men were between the ages of 13 and 14, so Heard was even more shocked when they said that they were approached by gang members “all the time.”

She hired the teens on the spot, no questions asked, and posted their amazing story to Facebook, where the response, according to Heard, has been overwhelmingly positive:

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“I want Facebook to empower these young men they walked into my office today and asked for a job. I said why do you want a job? They said so we want get in trouble and we do not want to be in a gang! I said have people approached you about being in a gang they said yes’mam! I hired them on the spot! The streets will not have our children! ‪#‎ILOVELHACHILDREN‬.”


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